TRIPSTank™ - A Proven Framework

Welcome. The TRIPS framework will help you navigate change and achieve more in your life and career.

MyTRIPS adds the clarity and focus that your ambition needs

Prioritise what matters 

Clarify Your Life and Work Priorities in 5 Days

Design your Ideal Future

Create a Blueprint for Future Success

Map and Track Success

Map your route and enjoy the journey

MyTRIPS consists of two courses and an invitation-only coaching community.  
Take these steps to empower your potential, enable your ambition and elevate your performance.


TRIPS Tank is a collaborative partnership of like-minded, elite-level coaching professionals who specialise in human potential, connection and performance.

Our backgrounds and modes of practice are varied, giving us a diverse and multi-dimensional perspective on the challenges you and your business face. We partner with you to create more fulfilling, better aligned and more rewarding careers and lives.

We help you tap into the best of yourself so that you can inspire the best in others. In today’s world this isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s essential.

Circumstances are changing rapidly due to global pandemics, geopolitics, technology disruptions to name but a few

Everyone is wired differently, so we interpret the same event (big or small) differently

Each of us respond to events and triggers differently

Simply put, there are too many variables - so there is no single approach to be taught or followed

Prioritise What Matters

Start planning and achieving your ideal future today



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Would you like to be more committed, confident and consistent in your approach to building and sustaining success in your life? This course helps you take the first and most important step in that process:

  • Clarity
    Clarify what matters most in life
  • Quick wins
    Identify quick wins to gain momentum
  • Goals
    Set long-term, meaningful goals
  • Commit
    Commit to embedding effective habits
Design Your Ideal Future

Create a Blueprint for Future Success


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Continue to grow your confidence and conviction in the choices you make

  • Alignment
    Thread your best self from past experiences into future results
  • Fulfilment
    Live every day with energy and meaning
  • Acceleration
    Move faster using a structured process
  • Growth
    Surround yourself with growth-oriented, like-minded people
Map and Track Success

Map your route and enjoy the journey


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The community is a proven structure with accountability. It enables you to intentionally live your life with meaning, members enjoy the following:

  • Milestones
    Map out milestones along the way, with the nearest one being in 90 Days’ time. This allows you to align everything from your daily practices to your Ideal Future
  • Goal Setting
    Goals and visions are meaningless without a plan to achieve them. Even with a clear plan, we struggle without accountability and support.
  • Learning
    Diverse content, contributors and perspectives.
  • Well-Being
    Optimising health and energy.
  • Connection
    To self primarily, but also to the community and their closest connections
  • Library
    Tools and templates, backed by science and success psychology, to guide you through setting, planning and tracking progress towards your Ideal Future