TRIPSTank is a collaborative partnership of like-minded, elite-level coaching professionals who specialise in human potential, connection and performance.

Our backgrounds and modes of practice are varied, giving us a diverse and multi-dimensional perspective on the challenges you and your business face. We partner with you to create more fulfilling, better aligned and more rewarding careers and lives.

We help you tap into the best of yourself so that you can inspire the best in others. In today’s world this isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s essential.
Here’s why:

  • Circumstances are changing rapidly due to global pandemics, geopolitics, technology disruptions to name but a few
  • Everyone is wired differently, so we interpret the same event (big or small) differently
  • Each of us respond to events and triggers differently
  • Simply put, there are too many variables - so there is no single approach to be taught or followed.

In a nutshell – anyone who wants to be a consistent high-performer.

We typically work with leaders in client-facing and revenue-generating roles. Often, they’re the link between the different generational cultures in an organisation. And with their existing leadership qualities are in a unique position to shift behavioural norms to where they need to be, so everyone can perform more efficiently.

We specialise in developing the mindset, skills and habits of leaders and their teams to connect with and engage their colleagues, clients and key stakeholders more effectively.

Who is TRIPSTank™

MyTRIPS adds the clarity and focus that your ambition needs

Step  1

Prioritise what matters 

Clarify Your Life and Work Priorities in 5 Days

Step  2

Design your Ideal Future

Create a Blueprint for Future Success

Step  3

Mapping and Tracking Success

Map your route and enjoy the journey

MyTRIPS consists of taking two personal development courses and joining one accountable community. You can choose how you complete your courses by accessing the framework in stages.